Protect Your Confidential Data

Profile and classify your valued data assets and then detect copies, subsets and leakage into databases, file, and mail servers throughout your enterprise.

Protect PCI and Customer Data

Comply with PCI regulations and protect your brand by identifying and mitigating risk posed by unauthorized, unencrypted, or inadequately secured Payment Card Information or Customer data. Find credit card numbers, International bank account numbers, ABA Routing numbers

Personally Indentifying Information (PII)

Efficient discovery of database and files that contain personally identifying information (PII) enables you to comply with legislation and regulation related to the protection of privacy. Find SSN’s, Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, National Insurance (UK), Social Insurance (Canada) numbers.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

Find, protect, or mitigate risk posed by unprotected patient healthcare information such as HCPCS data, NDC data, CPT data, ICD codes, Medications, and Medical diagnosis. dbDataFinder pinpoints the location of personally identifiable healthcare data in databases and files.










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