Protect Your Confidential Data

Useful, thus valuable, data never comes to rest. In order for data to be useful for multiple purposes within your organization, it is frequently transformed and distributed throughout your enterprise. Finance may require data in spreadsheet form. Business development may require the same data in presentation format. Enterprise application integration may require that same data to be converted to an xml format. As confidential data is widely distributed to business purposes and processes and transformed to formats optimized to those processes, unauthorized and unintended disclosure of this data becomes a major concern.


  • enables you to manage your organization’s specific risks by focusing on your data
  • eliminates false positives and finds copies and subsets of the specific data that is important to you with pinpoint accuracy
  • identifies instances of confidential data leakage from your structured database environment to other databases or to filesystems in any number of unstructured file formats

dbDataFinder enables enforcement of your data segregation policies. Combinations of individual data elements may be easily defined and scanned for. This is useful in validating controls and enforcing policy where, for example, your customer’s name and their social security number should never be stored together.

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