Protect PII, PHI Data

A growing majority of states have passed laws that protect the privacy of consumers, subscribers and patients. HIPAA legislation mandating the protection of data related to health, and FERPA regulating student record information education carry significant penalities to organizations and institutions found to be out of compliance.

Compliance to the growing number of regulations requires organizations to implement data privacy policies, continuously monitor and improve data privacy controls. In order to comply, organizations must assess the effectiveness of the controls in place and supplement them where necessary.


  • saves you time and money in satisfying your Privacy related regulatory requirements
  • employs a combination of complex data signatures, custom search terms, and secure profile data matching to quickly identify instances and leaks of privacy related data.
  • scans over 200 file and document types as well as leading RDBMS’s such as Oracle and MS SQL to find data subject to Privacy regulations
  • produces fast and accurate results - secure profiling functionality enables the elimination false positives by basing scans on actual source data

dbDataFinder enables the enforcement of your own data protection policies. dbDatafinder filter sets are used to group individual data elements that, when combined within a file or database, would represent high risk information. Instances where a First and Last Name may not in itself constitute high risk. When accompanied within a file with a Social Security number, address or other personally identifying data, the combination of data elements represents exponentially greater risk. The software's customizable confidence and threshold algorithms and metrics enable you to fine tune and target scan for optimal results.

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